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Federal Benefits are often confusing and complex. We show federal employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their retirement and overall financial situation.

Federal employees are severely underserved when it comes to their financial planning. Fewer than 50% have calculated how much they need to save for a comfortable retirement, and less than 25% have ever worked with a financial professional.


Through extensive training, our firm is well-versed in the particulars of these various federal benefit programs. Our guidance helps federal families make the most of these benefits—both while working and in retirement. Our goal is to always provide credible, top-notch financial planning services to our clients.


TSP From A to Z: Profoundly Simple Guide Thrift Savings for Federal Employees

If you have either heard yourself, a co-worker or family member who works for the Federal Government say, “I wish I had known that about my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) when I first started working or even 5 years ago…” then this book is for you!

This book is written for all Federal Employees in all stages of their career: Early, Mid or Nearing retirement. This book teaches you simple but effective ideas that you can utilize to make sound and confident decisions relating to your TSP. As you read this book, you will learn all the ins and outs of your remarkable retirement plan, the TSP in a profoundly simple way. Most importantly, you will walk away having a better understanding of your TSP so you can set yourself up in a better position as you plan your retirement.


We are proud to partner with ProFeds to serve you better

Because of the complexities of federal benefits, we work with the team at ProFeds to keep us up-to-date on your changing benefits. ProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial professionals serving federal employees. The ProFeds team provides tailored training to financial professionals on the unique complexities of federal benefits to help them provide credible, educational financial planning services to their federal clients. ProFeds is proud to be a federal contractor and make this workshop available free‐of‐charge to federal agencies exclusively through financial professionals in the nationwide ProFeds network.

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ProFeds has developed unique workshops helping federal employees apply what they are learning in the classroom to their own situation. Instead of teaching at a very technical level regarding the benefit rules, they aim to educate employees to know the financial impact of retirement and benefit decisions, and to make those decisions carefully based on sound information.


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Candid Insights for Your Federal Retirement
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You can search the podcasts that ProFeds Founder & Coach, Chris Kowalik created with My Federal Retirement for federal employees. 

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While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, ProFeds is able to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language to show employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation. 

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ProFeds Founder & Coach, Chris Kowalik hosts monthly webinars focusing on timely topics for federal employees. 

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