Get to know Bunmi Daramaja

Bunmi Daramaja

Insurance Specialist

 Bunmi joins the team with a remarkable 33-year career as a pharmacist, where she has dedicated herself to dispensing medicines and mentoring, coaching, and training fellow healthcare professionals. Her commitment as a patient advocate is evident through her organization of numerous health and wellness events. Through her long tenure as a pharmacist, she witnessed firsthand the financial challenges people face during health crises. Some of her patients sadly lost everything due to the burden of illness. One heart-wrenching incident involved a patient who couldn’t obtain health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. This patient paid a significant sum to secure an insurance policy, hoping to provide for her children after her passing. 

These experiences motivated Bunmi to make a significant career change and become an insurance agent. Her primary goal is to assist more individuals in protecting their financial well-being when faced with illness. Bunmi has now served as an insurance agent for a period of four years, wholeheartedly dedicated to helping people safeguard their finances during challenging times. 

Outside of her professional life, Bunmi finds joy in cooking, hiking, traveling, dancing, and cherishing quality time with her husband and family.